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  • OE, XRF and XRD analytical instruments
  • Sample preparation for OE, XRF, XRD and Metallography
  • Testing machines
  • Solutions for physical stability, particle size, phase transitions or rheological properties
  • Industrial tomography systems

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  • X-ray gauging for flat metal manufacturing
  • Web thickness and weight management systems
  • PGNAA analyzers

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  • Automated sample taking, sample preparation, transportation and analysis systems
  • Express laboratories
  • Macro-etching laboratories
  • Mechanical testing laboratories

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You have unique tasks in analytical or testing control, which no existing instrument can solve. Together with our innovative partners, we will develop and deliver to you customized, one of a kind machines.
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Our lab data management and analysis solutions do more than just securely acquire, analyze, manage and share your data. They enable you to operate your business more efficiently and streamline lab operation.
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Effective logistics planning is one of our main priorities. An automation system or a small box with spare parts, we determine for you the best delivery route: the shortest yet safest, and the most cost-efficient.

What we do

Making an error while analyzing or testing a material can lead to disastrous consequences during research, mining or production processes. These errors can come from various stages from sample taking to sample analysis or testing.

There is a constant need to optimize the speed and reliability of the quality control data, requiring effective sampling systems, advanced laboratory equipment and process control solutions.

To reduce costs and optimize your quality control, Toplabz provides a complete spectrum of manual and automated solutions and information systems including sample taking, sample transportation, preparation, analysis, mechanical testing and results processing.



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